Trade questions

Standard 10 team league… I have Mike Gillislee and I am considering offering him for DeMarco Murray straight up. Does this trade make sense, and is it worth it?

Demarco has the upside. Gilly will be boom or bust.

Would you propose this? My roster is pretty solid but I’d like to sure up the flex…
Let me know what you think, somehow I’m 2-3

QB- Wentz, Russell Wilson, Luck
RB- Kareem Hunt, Lev Bell, Gilly, Ty Mont, Aaron Jones
WR- Julio, Mike Evans, Davante Adams
TE- Jimmy Graham, ASJ
D- Jags
K- Matt Bryant

I would give it a shot, and buy him low.

Hmmmm I might rather have the boom/bust of Gilly with your solid floor. You’ll hate me if Demarco goes off this week.

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lol it’s all a guessing game, no harm with that. I do think Murray goes off this week based on schedule since he has a weak colts D to go against. The funny thing is, is that I had Murray at one point this season and trade him and Devante Parker for Julio before the season started. I just don’t know what is going on with Gillislee’s workload… he runs the ball extremly well but bellecheck must just hate him because he subs Lewis and white in 70% of the time

As an owner of Demarco and Gilly in one league I feel you. Comes down to a gut call. I’ve seen them both moved for 50 cents on the dollar in leagues.