Trade Quon for DeAndre or Stand Pat?

standard scoring.

My team:

cam / rivers
Saquon, Mixon, Ajayi, Aaron Jones
Keenan, Marvin, Kupp, Sammy, Stills, Callaway
Rudolph, Olsen

I’d get deAndre and Shady for Saquon.

I’d really like a home run hitter at WR, and I’m proud of myself for stashing Aaron Jones now that he’s active. But up to this point, I’m 2-2 and Cam and Saquon have really been all I’ve got because of the injuries to Mixon and Ajayi and the slow starts by Keenan and Marvin (and yeah, Kupp was great last week , but with all the mouths to feed in LA, I don’t know if he can keep this up).

Something’s telling me I’m better off standing pat.

help me footclan, you’re my only hope…either talk me off this ledge, or tell me to pull the trigger.

i would hold onto saquon. Rb are too hard to come by and Wr are too easy to stream. I would bet good money that Allen will bounce back and play at expectations, its only 4 weeks in. Id consider him and Kupp home run hitters for the future.

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See…this is why I LOVE the footclan.

Thanks for the quick response, dude.

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