Trade Rape Vetoed

I’m to receive T.Y. Hilton for Buck Allen and Allen Hurns. The other guy actually offered this to me.

It got vetoed because one person told 2 buddies and his brother to veto. I understand the trade is heavily in my favor, but do I have anything to complain about here? I’m 4-0 and won the league last year. There’s a target on my back.

It’s wrong to veto any trade. I no longer join leagues where vetoes are allowed.


Yes you have room to complain. Vetoes are BS. I’m the commish in my leage and I hold the veto power. I will not veto any trade unless it’s someone selling their team off for nothing at the end of the season because they miss the playoffs. The value of a trade is between the two parties trading and their individual rosters.


I agree that I like your end of this deal, but the guy who made the offer made it for a reason and I can see it as reasonable. I’d complain, but don’t know it will do any good. Trade vetoes need to be for obvious cases of collusion.


If two people agree on a trade that should be it, I hate leagues that have a veto option. I’d just beat everybody win the league this year than leave and find another league.

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