Trade? RB Help

12 team PPR, 5-5. Just traded Jeudy for Mitchell last week.

With the news that Mitchell could be getting surgery for his finger, would you trade him and Bateman to get Mixon?

I’d definitely do that. Even if he was healthy. Which is an oxymoron in SF

If you can swing that trade, I would do that.

Imho, I think you will need more star power than just Mitchell/Bateman for Mixon. Mixon is currently the RB4 (STND)/RB9 (PPR), that includes him not playing this week.

As a Mixon owner myself, I would not accept Mitchell/Bateman for Mixon.

He thought about it, but countered for Bateman for Carson.

I would not give up Bateman for Carson. Carson seems to be trending in the wrong direction and could possibly be out for the rest of the year.

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Thanks dude. I said the same thing to him. He said Mitchell wasn’t trust worthy and I said he’s more trust worthy than Carson haha