Trade RB to get WR

What WR could/should I target with either Michel or Jacobs? Week 1 hangover still strong so I am liking Jacobs more than Michel, but Michel’s performance is makes him harder to move at value.

Several teams on the league are super shallow on RB, so thinking I could target a higher end WR - which I am in need of with Hill going down.

At RB I have CMC, Fournette, Michel, and Jacobs
At WR I have Hill (INJ), Green (INJ), Anderson, Fuller, Jones Jr.

Standard scoring - any thoughts/advice appreciated!

Michel is a big name in the 3 core commitee…I think you’ll get more for Michel just cause of his name.
But Jacob’s is a work horse in the backfield by himself. Hes going to get the ball a ton. I have Jacob’s in my flex.
Michel will sell himself.
You may have to convince ppl to trade with Jacob’s. Just cause hes a rookie.

Fair enough, so what level WR do you target with a Michel offer? Someone in the league that voiced interest in Michel has Woods, Jeffery, and Moore.

I’d take woods he’s Goff’s # 1 go to.
But Jeffrey did have a big week 1
I have woods as my wr2.
But sammy watkins just took his spot on my roster.

Sure Woods is the best in that list, but is 1:1 Woods for Michel an even/likely trade?

Edit - Should also add that this owner is not hurting for RB as he has Kamara, Gurley and both of their backups, plus Carson

But you think that a Michel trade could target a Woods, Cooper, Thielen, Godwin range?

I put the first thing a little out of range. Godwin definitely. I think people would take josh Jacobs for the first 3.