Trade : Receive Michael Thomas for Kareem Hunt


Someone in my league is trying to shop Michael Thomas. I’d like to offer him Kareem Hunt.
What do you think ?

Kareem Hunt is really valuable now but once Nick Chubb comes back, his value is going to take a hit.

My other RB : Zeke, Miles Sanders, Chris Carson and David Montgommery.
My WR : AJ Brown, DJ Moore, Robert Woods, Justin Jefferson and Tee Higgins



I’d give it a try. I think you have enough depth at RB with Zeke and Carson to survive losing hunt. But Thomas would be great paired with Brown and Jefferson.

Keep in mind what injury news Sanders has because if he’s out for awhile then I’m not sure I’d do it.

I would offer the trade. You have good RB depth with sanders being out maybe two games. Monty can play your flex or plug a WR in for higher upside