Trade Receiver Depth for RB?

My receivers are:
Antonio Brown
Keenan Allen
DeVante Parker
Adam Thielen
Martavis Bryant

This is a 10 team league so obviously every team will be deep, but I have Demarco as my RB1 and CMC as my 2. I do have Doug Martin and Terrence West. Should I package one of my receivers with one of my running backs to get a stud RB or just stay put for now??

Maybe wait to see how parkers pans out this week. I’d like to keep brown and Allen for sure.

I also have Gronk. I feel if I could package Gronk with Thielen I could maybe target Devonta Freeman.

if you can get freeman for gronk and thielen, i would do that…
good luck

If you’re packaging gronk and thielin…I’d try for freeman, Gordon, Murray. But those teams would REALLY be in need of a TE to give away those rbs

The Freeman owner’s tight end is Martellus Bennett and his number one receiver is Jamison Crowder so it will definitely help him. He already has Zeke and Dalvin Cook

I think you should give it a shot. If he doesn’t take it maybe consider a different wr? Good luck

I would hold off on using Gronk as a trade piece if you can help it. Personally, I’m going after him in leagues in which I don’t own him. If you’re gonna move Gronk-- whom you probably drafted in the 2nd/early 3rd-- I would wait and see if he goes off in the next week or two and try to get a better ROI.

Cuz let’s be real, you’re not dropping him even if he puts up another couple disappointing weeks and it can’t get much more disappointing than this last week so essentially theres nowhere to go but up.

I would be totally comfortable rolling out Murray (who IMO will bounce back this week-just traded for him) and McCaffery (18 more snaps, 5 more targets than J-Stew) especially if I had the insane upside of Gronk in my line-up, most ESPECIALLY considering he plays that awful, terrible, very bad NO defense.

Finally, the fact that you have Doug Martin coming back in a few weeks somewhat mitigates long-term concerns.

If you find you’re set on making a move using your WR depth K. Allen and Thielen are the two I would try to package

Basically that was a super long winded way of saying just hang tight for now.


Love the response. I’ll take your word and hold onto Gronk. Thanks a lot!

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