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Trade Regrets


I traded Carlos Hyde for OBJ, the day before the trade and I feel awful. Should there be a safeguard for the people trading if stuff like this happens and makes the situation way worse while the trade still hasn’t processed yet?


I’m confused… that is good news. OBJ is worth far more than hyde


Yea I’d be happier than a pig in ____!


That’s part of the risk when we make trades, besides the trade was already way out of balance.


I feel like I trade raped him ya know


If u got OBJ for Hyde that’s amazing… Hyde is going to be behind Fournette, and if Fournette stays out for longer he’s competing for touches against a competent player in Yeldon… Hyde’s main value is if he’s the lead back which may only be a few games… OBJ is a big win even with an underwhelming season


Nah man, it happens. That’s part of the risk you take when making trades and something you have to account for in Fantasy.