Trade request for Gronk

Trade request. I get TY Hilton and James Connor for Gronk. Thoughts?

who are your other rbs and wrs

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Thielen, Cooper, David Johnson, Dion Lewis. PPR.

Hard pass. I’d take Gronk side of that every day of the week.


No way, keep what you have.

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Thats a hard pass for me. Bell could come back next week and Connor will just be a backup. I would want a better RB.

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Gronk will get a ton of targets this year, and ya if Bell comes back Conner is basiclly useless. Plus im not 100% on TY, the only reason for that is Luck hasnt played a game in almost 1 1/2 years. I would keep Gronk

While I am not as swayed to it being lopsided as some others, I think I would happily take the Gronk side. He is probably the better option in this scenario.

i dont think its worth it

Curious what you guys think after week 1 – still no on this trade?

RBs: Johnson Jr, White, Breida, Ingram & Bell (Had McKinnon before his ACL)

WRs: Thomas, Anderson, Agholor & Williams

Also considering this same trade, since Bell seems ready to miss a few games, if not 10.

As a bell owner, i’d make that trade. You need the help on WRs too. You can’t be rolling out Anderson or agholor as your WR2, TY Hilton will improve as Luck gets back into the groove of things.

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yeah man i would take it. you have the situation locked up this way and get upgrade at wr. cheers man good luck