Trade Review (Brees -> Wilson/Sanders)

I traded Russel Wilson and Emmanuel Sanders for Drew Brees (and picked up Tre’Quan Smith). I’m 6-3, 4th place/3rd highest scoring team in a 12 team Half PPR league.

Basically, Brees wks 14-16 are hot fire and I don’t trust Case Keenum to get Sanders the ball. The team I traded with is circling the toilet so I don’t expect to see these players in the playoffs.

I’m also stashing the NE/JAX/NYJ def for safe measure.

What do you think?

I feel giving away Sanders was foolish, unless your league has some crazy multipliers that make QBs score a lot more than normal. I wouldn’t have simply traded away a WR1 like that, although I can understand your worries about Case Keemun. I traded away Sanders earlier in the season for similar fears, it has not gone well.

I would have preferred going after a startable RB

There isn’t a QB multiplier and I agree Sanders is very valuable but I have Theilen and OBJ with Lockett and TQSmith showing upside. Additionally, Sanders is doing me no good this week on bye and I am trying to earn the bye for the playoffs. I think I bought Brees medium (not low) in this league as the owner wasn’t starting him over Goff.

Yeah, getting an RB trade in this league is like pulling teeth. They are more traditional in that you can move a WR or QB but there are virtually no trades for RBs without getting fleeced.

I’d rather have a 3rd WR1 in my flex over any QB. Just because you have 2 other elite options doesn’t make Sanders any less valuable. GL on earning that bye, I’ll be pushing for the bye as well in my league.

There’s plenty of risk but a WR1 with a bad qb and a clueless coach makes him more wr2. Throw in Sutton getting more targets and doing more with them than Thomas did brings down his value. I remember Jason saying that Sanders is tradeable a few weeks ago because he could be traded but I think it’s worse that he stayed with Keenum and Vance Joseph.