Trade Review: Diggs for Yeldon and Rudolph

Needed a TE, traded Diggs for Yeldon and Rudolph? Bad or good move?

Depends what rest of your WRs/RBs look like, but I’m not a fan of this deal. Rudolph is probably just as good as a stream option on the waiver wire. If Brate was out there he’d be a good option (granted after this week due to bye). Diggs is the best player in the deal to me, and that side usually wins a deal

Yeah I took a gamble. I have Hopkins, Jones, and Jeffrey as WRs - Conner, Miller, Ingram, Kerryon Johnson, McCoy, Breida, and Lindsay as RBs -

it could be what you needed frankly. your WR core is abt unchanged plugging jeffery in for diggs if he is able to stay healthy the rest of the season.

also, i have a feeling fournette is gonna be shut down at some point this year. you may have acquired more than you even thought at RB. you also get rudolph with cousins who does well with TE’s.

diggs is clearly the best player but maybe you got what you needed here at least. and potentialy more.