Trade review/help

This is the trade offered with teams below

I get: tannehill and Godwin
I give up: Hopkins

My team:
Ridley,Hopkins, diontae Johnson, Mike Williams,
Jacobs, Mixon/bernard, singletary, moestert, McKinnon
Fant, johnnu smith

His team:
Wilson, tannehill
Godwin, locket, aiyuk, Parker, Jefferson
Conner, Henderson jr, cook/mattison,

Wondering if I could ask for more or just decline this altogether, or if this is a good deal

It looks like your goal here is an upgrade at QB. I would not give up Hopkins to accomplish that. I don’t trust Godwin enough.

Yeah this was offered to me, I don’t like godwin enough to do this. Would you trade Hopkins for Russ and Lockett if there willing? Or is Hopkins not enough here

I would MAYBE consider that, but Lockett still isn’t as consistent as Hopkins (who is?) and yeah…the other owner likely wouldn’t give you both anyway.

What QBs are on the waiver?

Gross. Okay maybe try to trade a lesser player for a QB straight up?

Tannehill, Wentz, or even Carr?