Trade review process

I am 7-0 and just traded away Funchess, Royce Freeman, Greg Olsen, and Marlon Mack for Saquon Barkley to a 2-5 record team. A couple members of my league expressed that they thought it was a bad trade and wanted to vote on it. Currently, the commish (Me) approves all trades. If I had a losing record no one would bat an eye at that trade. What do you think about the trade which I believe made his team better as well as how should we handle reviewing trades?

I mean it’s a lot of pieces, some of which are not start worthy this week (Funchess, Freeman) for a stud RB1 which is a low ball trade but that’s not the point, the point is it was accepted and as long as you and this guy didn’t collude to give you his best player for really nothing to make your team overpowered it’s just tough. Anyone else could have made the same type of trade and just given the guy a couple of low end starters and depth players, just because they didn’t that’s their loss not yours.
I think even if they are annoyed, a trade is a trade and as long as there’s no collusion all trades are accepted no matter how one-sided they are or may seem to others.

Well played though on the trade by the way lol, this is of course a win for you and exactly the way to take advantage of weaker teams!


I think you have a lot of desperate jealous opinions on your hands. This trade is totally reasonable assuming the other team is really depleted and ouT of options. This is a big return for 1 player no matter who it is. Listen to the grumbling but just calmly explain the reasoning and let the Saquon team (formerly) chime in with support.


I agree with above. They should have been more active in trying to trade with th Barkley owner. If I were them this would fuel me to try and make a similar trade with another owner that needs to win now.

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I think this trade is reasonable considering the situation. I made a similar mover last week for Julio Jones. If a team has a losing record and has been depleted by injuries and bye weeks, they need to manufacture wins immediately. btw my trade partner won his matchup last week largely due to Landry who was part of that trade going off.

Thanks for your honest opinion. There was no collusion. I had started dangling bait out there to teams at the bottom. We are in Indy so I knew someone would think about adding Mack to their team along with some other names. Out of all those players, I only drafted freeman. I have a lot of depth and have been adding big names from the wire for weeks hoping someone would bite at a trade. I feel the same way as all of you guys though. Others should have tried trading with him as well. I was just being proactive. Lolthanks for clearing my conscience.

I appreciate the response man. I was starting to think maybe I was in the wrong for not allowing others to vote. If you let guys vote, top seeded teams would never be able to improve their team via trades. In this case, the other guy really believes in Mack and never misses a colts snap. I knew he would have interest. He’s happy with what he got from the deal. Shame on the other guys for not trying.

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Totally agree nothing at all wrong with the method and frankly its what the top teams do, especially those who are active and quick on the waiver wire early half the reason you build depth and grab pieces is for trade chips later on - I grabbed Conner before week 1 and fleeced the Bell owner before we’d even started, got the same reaction people sending sniping messages on the group chat calling out the trade, my response was the same laughed it off and said they should have been paying more attention so they could have done the same!
It’s always tricky to trade as a top team, and yeah if you allow a private veto vote function it will get misused by jealous owners or people being tactical with it which is not what it’s for. We still have it my main home league and every year i campaign for it to be removed, we’ve never had a trade vetoed and no one has even cheated (bar one player loan issue last year but both guy lost so we just ripped them in the chat) but it means trades take 48 hours to go through - nightmare. Plus as things get more competitive and trades like yours happen it only takes a few people to rage veto and it ruins the league.

You did nothing wrong here at all and made a deal for your team and he made a deal for his. Everyone else can manage their teams as they see fit, even if i don’t agree with some trades that go down in my league i never say anything which is how it should be