Trade Review, what do y'all think? Does my team need anymore moves?

I traded Nick Chubb and Sanders for Julio Jones because a guy in my league needed help with his lineup to make the playoffs. My Team now is (PPR):
QB: Rodgers, Wentz
WR: Julio, Odell, Keenan Allen, Landry, and Corey Davis
RB: Kamara, David Johnson, Mixon
TE: Doyle, Njoku
D: Ravens, Texans
K: Zuerlein

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You’re set don’t see anything else you can do unless you package Mixon and either Landry or one of your TE and try to go after Ertz or Kelce

I want Kelce so bad… But I am going up against the guy that has him and he has like 4 starters on bye, along with Kelce, so I would giving him a chance to win if I gave him like mixon and Doyle for him… Im 7-4 and have to lose my last two games to get kicked out of the playoffs. As of now im projected 145 and the guy I’m playing is projected 73. Think I should gamble with that and go for Kelce?

100% gamble there. If you get Kelce with that lineup you win next week get in and might not lose again plus might even win this week still

I just tried for Ertz and Kelce, both won’t budge on them… Sad day

Lol I figured neither would but was worth a shot

lol yeah… I also tried Doyle and Landry for Kittle. That guy stop paying attention last week since he’s out of the playoffs so I don’t think he will even acknowledge it. Our league doesn’t care if we trade with people who are out of it, just as long as it is a fair trade.

So I didn’t get another tight end but I think I just made my bench stronger for a playoff push. I traded landry for cooks, and I traded davis for chris carson. What do you think?

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How in the hell did someone do Cooks for Landry? What do I think!? I think you stole that lol solid move. And Cory Davis for Carson is another absolute steal

With that depth some combo of Carson/Mixon and Keenan/Cooks should get you your TE if you wanted

He had cooks and hill on bye and he needed to win or he’s out of playoff contention. so I used that to my advantage. I would combo carson and mixon for a tight but it takes 24 hours to process and our trade deadline is tomorrow at noon… So my lineup is locked in, and I think it’s ready for a strong playoff push.

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I’d say this is the ONLY week you can go for Kelse. I’m not saying do it, I’m saying I don’t think you’ll get another shot. I’ll let others say to do it or not…