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Trade Review. Who Won?


A traded Greg Olsen, Car to B
A traded Spencer Ware, KC to B
A traded Jeremy Maclin, Bal to B

B traded Eric Ebron, Det to A
B traded Marshawn Lynch, Oak to A
B traded Martavis Bryant, Pit to A

Who won A or B?


In my opinion, A


A got the upside and the danger. B got the reliability and safety.


I agree with you. I am B I wanted a better TE and my WR are T.Y Hilton and A.J Green. I really like Bryant but I figured Maclin can be a wr 1 for his team and Bryant will always be 2nd option on his team. Ware worries me cause of hunt but Lynch might end up with only goal line work so who knows.


I think A. Bryant has the biggest upside of anyone on this list easy. Lynch will score TDs becuase that’s what he does. Ebron is whatever, but if he actually figures it out then he is very solid.

Olsen is a top 5 TE, but doesn’t score TD’s really, Ware is still the starter, but who knows with that situation, Maclin is the number 1 but he was the number 1 before and I don’t think he has near the upside Bryant has.


As I say, I would always take a player with risk of not hitting his ceiling over a player with risk that he doesn’t even play.

Ebron = He has been in the league 3 years and has already had 7 injuries including back, hamstring, ankle, and groin. All of those are high re-injury risks.

Lynch = He has a back problem, those cannot be healed, and only get worse with time. Trust me I have the same injury. Lynch is 2 years older than me and I can’t run a quarter mile without my back seizing. It sucks.

Bryant = He misses a meeting, he fails a drug test, or he gets in pretty much any off-field issue and he is done.

Team B traded 3 extremely high risk players for 3 safe high upside players. I will also add that I don’t have Hunt taking over that backfield. I have yet to hear an argument against Ware that holds water.


i agreed with you, until the ware/hunt part. because i have plenty of arguments to go against ware and for hunt. the most important being the eye test from being at chiefs camp. im a chiefs fan and only an hour away from where they hold camp. i have been up there a LOT. hunt is going to take that job from ware. it is just a matter of time. i mean they hardly even used him in that preseason game and he still came up big for us TWICE. that dude has a magic to him that you just cant understand or explain until you see it. i still think reid holds out for 6 weeks before he makes the official change. i mean how else is he going to get good trade value for him?


I’ll take A all day. I have Olsen as a bust this year. Give me Martavis.


I like Lynch better than Ware, Bryant more than Maclin, but Olsen better than Ebron. That being said, I’m higher than most on Ebron, lower than most on Olsen, and feel like the TE position is very replaceable on the waiver wire, similar to QB. I mean, it’s not a horrible trade, I think Maclin should do great for you, but I prefer the other side.

@Guinness I’m with @BusterD. Ware got the job by default due to injury, and was pretty lousy most of last year. KC traded up to grab Hunt, giving up quite a bit to Minnesota to secure the pick, and I get every indication that Hunt is the superior talent. So to me the question isn’t if Hunt will take over, just when.


@Harpersdad nailed it right on the head. B got safety, A got upside. all in all fairly even trade dont mind it for either


@BusterD and @Kaiser, if any 1 of the players I mentioned gets injured, would the trade have been worth it?

Last season was the first Ware has been given as a starter. With that he averaged 13 yds per reception and 4.3 yds per carry. Those numbers aren’t great but not bad. Not bad enough to lose the job. Ware’s biggest issue is the RZ, where he pretty much sucks. I really need to see Hunt in a preseason before I jump on the band wagon.


To be fair both Maclin and Ware had pretty significant injury issues themselves just last year. I know it seems like the one side carries all the risk, and at first blush that was my thought too, but when you think about it Maclin has an extensive injury history of his own, Ware has had his injury issues and has the added risk of losing carries to Hunt, and while Olsen is easily the safest player of the bunch, his risk lies in the potential that his role decreases as a result of the new offensive weapons in town.


Yeah that’s true. Maclin seems to be over what ailed him, but he will probably miss a couple games. Ware is high injury risk no doubt.

What really worries me in this trade though is Bryant. I just know he is going to mess this up somehow. Not like I had him as a keeper, then he smoked weed, and I got all but hurt about it…


I like B, but the old saying safe doesn’t win championships, A more upside. A for me.


totally agree with you @Guinness

Team B wins for me


I don’t think this is that close. Side A gets fleeced. Enron is a massive downgrade, Lynch is the most overrated player in fantasy this year (And Ware may be the most underrated). The only way this swings in A’s favor is if everything goes right for Bryant and Lynch. No thanks. I honestly don’t think there’s any chance Hunt wins the starting role. He’s solid, but not the same caliber back as Ware.