Trade rookie 1.09 for pollard

Hey guys,
I was recently offered Tony pollard for my 1.09 rookie pick. Provided is my team and as you can see I’m in need of a running back…I’m not in a position to win, so I’m unsure what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Initial thoughts are I wouldn’t trade away your top 10 rookie pick for Dallas backup. He’s a solid player, but Zeke is still 26 and has an LT contract. I’d think about how you can trade for a run focused team like Seattle. Maybe you can trade whatever WR you draft in the first round if they’re a starter for Kenneth Walker in Seattle. Or look to get someone like J.K. Dobbins coming off an injury. Even your 1.09 for Etienne to me would be a better way to go. RB with hands on a bad team. I just think your 1st round pick has more value somehow than a 2nd fiddle. I’d rather start Dawson Shultz than Pollard at flex. Focus on run teams. Maybe Alexander Mattison. Best of luck to you