Trade/roster advice, please

10-team. Full PPR
QB: Wentz, Brisset
RB: A. Jones, K. Johnson, Mixon, Ekeler, M. Brown, Singletary
WR: M. Thomas, Evans, R. Woods, Chark, J. Brown
TE: Hockenson, Herndon

M. Brown will be dropped hopefully for Edmonds. Lost Dissly last week.
I need help/advice on who to target and what pieces would be ideal to give up. I’m planning on going for an RB1 hopefully, but I’m in a tough situation on who I can give up without hurting my team too much. I also obviously need a TE. Interested in seeing how Herndon does though. But any advice is appreciated.

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Hey what’s up. Your team doesn’t look too bad.

I have Herndon stashed too. If everything goes the way it looks it will, he could be a stud after NE this week. The same for several NYJ.

Brissett doesn’t have the easiest schedule; but that could be good. More reason to play competitive and produce. You can try to move on from relying on Wentz as your #1. He’s a matchup guy at best making him, imo very expendable in this case. He will get D Jax back and he’s pretty good himself. But rough schedule ahead coupled with poor performance recently soured me enough to move on two weeks ago. I’m glad I did. Roll with Jacoby and stream

Love Jones obviously. Kerryon was wearing a brace. He could be out awhile. Brown has an ankle issue, and they have an awkward RB situation and line injuries. I do think Singletary has a ton of potential. And I think it could happen next week. The cowboys showed last night, you can run the eagles and a versatile back can catch against them too. But who knows. He could go 7/26 again. Yes I started him. Still bitter. He’ll get the job eventually I think. Chargers may finally accept that Melvin sucks in their offense in his role. They can’t cram him in there. Austin proved it a few times now. Maybe they wake up? Joe Mixon is really good. But the Bengals are in really bad shape. Can they stay balanced in games to allow Mixon to stay relevant and productive? AJ is apparently lazy and dragging his feet. Ross hasn’t been allowed to bloom. Stifled I’d say. Now he’s on IR. Auden is a bug dude but he’s raw. They’re a mess. Unbalancing his production and value regularly.

Your WR seem pretty solid. Some volatility, but a nice core. John Brown is looking really good.

You can make some room in your RB. And could trade open another spot giving you 3 opportunities to bolster your team for a push. Did you have anything specific in mind?

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What’s up. Thanks for the thorough response. Lot of great points. I feel your pain on Singletary. Started him over Ekeler…smh.
As far as ideas go, I’ve thought about going after L. Bell, Carson, or someone of that caliber. Most likely I’d be throwing a higher end receiver like Evans out there for it. But the way this season has gone so far with how inconsistent so many top players seem to be, it’s hard to figure out the value on so many of my own guys and the value of RBs like that.

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Yeah man, you’ll definitely pay to get a name like one of those on your team. At this point in the season I’d think your only strategy can be to target someone specifically in your league. They’re probably your buddies, or maybe not. Who cares. Be ruthless. Look for someone desperate for a position you have relative depth in. Be willing to ‘overpay’ with some guys on your team, i.e:
“…am I really ever gonna use/trust this guy?”…"

Find a competitive owner thats maybe looking to pad his roster with a somewhat lower grade trade.

You might need to be prepared to not get a name brand high expectancy guy, but the leagues so fluid you can maybe find a gem that can add a little flexibility to your team. Like I said, I kinda like your teams potential

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Full disclosure, I’m not good with that either. I’m all about “give a little, get a little”. But people overvalue ‘their’ guys so often, the trades never seem fair. So I rarely do it. I try to anticipate from trends, injuries, and game flow with the eyeball test. 20 years of fantasy I’ve probably done 2 or 3 trades, tops. But I can usually do pretty well without them.

Yeah I feel like my team is solid overall, my issue comes from taking Thomas #10 overall (great pick) then Mixon at #11 (terrible). Not Mixon’s fault, but he’s killed me.
Would you think I’d be better off going after a TE like Kelce or Ertz than RB at this point? If not, what type of running back would you think? I thought about a guy like Mack, but I almost feel like I’d be getting the same out of him as what I’m already getting out of that position. Inconsistency.

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No I think you should roll with Herndon for now and see where it goes. I’m assuming you’re not starting him? He’s doubtful. You probably played Hock strap right?

Don’t shake up your WR too much if you don’t have to. You want a stable position to rally around at this point. Everything is potential; it’s all a lottery.

Your RB position needs figured out. Accept who you have, look at schedules, bye weeks, and hit the waiver wire.


You don’t hat a reliable #2. I really like Mack. He’s kind of Aaron Jones-like with his body type and cutting ability; very fluid dynamic player. His QB looks good which can keep the game balanced and the DEF has to stay honest.

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Yeah I started Hock and am just hoping Herndon comes out ballin. As of right now I’m planning on sticking with what I have, but K. Johnson getting hurt definitely shakes things up a bit haha.
Let me ask you this, I’ve considered approaching the Edelman owner, as long as Edelman just has a decent game and doesn’t blow up, and offering him Wentz (he only has Jimmy G and Brees) and possibly Woods or Brown for Edelman to try and give me a little cushion at receiver, then trying to flip a receiver for an rb. But would you say that that’s too much for Edelman? And is it too crazy of a strategy?

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I’ll tell how I’d examine this offer to me, and my thoughts on it:

“No way”

“Wentz has a bad schedule and this recent struggle looks like it’s getting to him. He’s turning into Phillip Rivers. He’s trying to do much. Plus I have Brees coming back. Edelman is almost as solid a PPR machine as you can get. He might not ‘blow up’ but if he’s out there, he probably going to be a big help”

But, I don’t the temperature of your league. I don’t know records, and history what each owners position is.

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Yeah. Atm I’m in first at 5-1 but will be 5-2 after today and tied for first. The guy I’m offering this to would be 2-5/3-4 with little QB play up to this point. I’ve never had trouble with trades but as I’m looking more towards the playoffs and other teams starting to pick it up, I’m seeing that I probably need a boost in weekly scoring.

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Ahhh haaa! That puts a whole new spin on it

So you’re the juggernaut! Hahaha, I thought I liked your team. :yum:

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I’d bet the farm there’s very few people in that league that want to help your team in any way, being top dog. Maybe for some unique points situation and a tie breaker sort of thing. But I could see this become “pulling teeth” to reach a mutually favorable arrangement.

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Lol yeah I was feeling good a couple of weeks ago, but now I’m getting a little nervous about my RB situation.
And that’s what I’m afraid of. Trying to get anything at a decent value, without throwing everything at one player.

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