TRADE - Ruggs for OBJ (1/2ppr)

So… I was approached and asked if I wanted to trade away Ruggs for OBJ.

I’m torn. I have a great team so I don’t need OBJ and I really like Ruggs and his ceiling.

I know in any redraft league this trade should be taken… But I’m not sure. Thoughts?

My team is as follows (4 keeper league)

Kyler Murray
Zeke (keeper)
Mixon (keeper)
Tyreek Hill (keeper)
M. Thomas (keeper)
DJ Moore

Chase Edmonds
Antonio Gibson
Jordan Howard
Chris Thompson
Henry Ruggs
Deebo Samuel

Honestly it comes down to how you view OBJ this year.

Personally, I’d stick with the upside of Ruggs.

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Ruggs could be a monster this year, I have OBJ in one of my leagues and was able to get Ruggs and Kupp for him, If baker has a good year then i think OBJ could have a big year. OBJ will be able to produce early but Ruggs can end up as a monster WR later on in the season. Its really up to you on who you want to roll with this year!

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I would take OBJ in a heart beat. I can’t see Ruggs being a Top 10 WR but I can sure see OBJ. Ruggs will be behind Waller and B Edwards in targets but he’ll have some boom boom games with his speed.

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