Trade Russ for Golladay

10 Team PPR - would you trade Wilson for Golladay? Straight up?

My QB is Watson
WRs - OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins

I definitely would. Can you ever see yourself starting him?

Maybe. I bet you could do better than that for Russ though.

Are you getting Golladay?

yes i would be getting golladay, and i would likely use him as a bye week fill in or flex if matchup is good. my rbs are somewhat stacked so they usually get the flex

gordon, howard, thompson, michel, hyde, ekeler

golladay and one of the following as a possible return?:

dalton, keelan, buck allen, geronimo

golladay + any of those guys is worth it imo.

Well, idk. I take it back. You don’t really need Golladay all that much. Are QB’s hard to come by in this league?

not entirely, he’s streaming dalton right now but he dropped wentz last week. so wentz is on waivers at the moment. so qbs are somewhat easy but trying to sell based on name value.

ah ok. if wentz is on waivers then wilson is less valuable than i thought. i’d totally do golladay + anyone but Dalton for Russ. And maybe even Golladay alone ifyou abs can’t get 2 from him.

i don’t know why he wants wilson if he has dalton. Dalton’s next 6 games are extremely positive. I have Wilson and am hurtung big time. Don’t see where the improvement is going to come from with that offensive line. If the run game gets going and baldwin is fit and if this and that. I am close to dropping wilson. going with mariota wk 5 and winston for a few eeks then.