Trade Russell Wilson and Ertz for Hunt

This trade will leave me with no QB, I will have to stream Cutler, Dalton, McCown, Roeth. I could ask for Cousins in the deal, but probably won’t go for it. I have hooper and Olsen as my back up TE’s. I have Gordon, Martin, A. Jones / Ty Montgomery as by Res

McCown or Big Ben could maybe get it done… What about Ertz and Martin? Wouldn’t be fun to lose Wilson. What are his/her RBs?

This league is a .5 point per reception and also gives .1 point per completion. we start 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1Flex, 1TE, 1DEF, 1K

I am not really crazy on losing Wilson, he has been giving me a pretty solid edge so far. I think that Olsen will be good once he comes back, so I don’t think that I am losing anything there.

the rest of my team is:
QB: Wilson
WR: D. Thomas, A. Jeffery, J. Nelson, C. Coleman
RB: Gordon, Martin, A. Jones, Ty Montgomery
TE: Ertz, Hooper, Olsen

His team is:
QB: Cousins, E. Manning
WR: R. Anderson, Watkins, Cobb, Crabtree
RB: Hunt, D. Lewis, Ivory, Collins, J. Allen, David Johnson(IR)

Think he’d bite on Martin, Ertz, Jordy for Hunt and Crabtree? Crabtree is on bye so he may value Jordy a lot for a win. Same goes for Hunt.

i would do it ans run with McCown.

help with mine please