Trade Ryan/Coutee for Hilton?

.5 PPR, 10 team league.

I have Ryan and Winston so I was thinking of offering Ryan and Coutee to the Big Ben owner while he’s on bye. Do you think that’s worth giving up and rolling with Winston ros?

I would try! Don’t know if he would go fo it just because you can always stream a qb.

Those were my thoughts. I doubt he will go for but he is loaded at receiver. I figured I’d try to get something before cutting one. I don’t be really want to carry two qb’s because there was some good drop it like it’s hot players out there this week.

I dont know why everyone is so high on Winston. He has a very easy game last week. Ryan has proved he can perform MVP caliber play for an entire season. All winston has proved is how he can convince fantasy owners to play you while he throws 2+ interceptions a game. Mark my words, Winston will disappoint. Winston will be like 10-12 best QB this year. He’s had the same top receivers for years now and has been around 12 or worse those years.

So, that rant is to say, if you get rid of one, get rid of Winston with all his hype. Winston is running on the hype from last week AND (this is important!), AND the hype that Fitzgerald produced. I wish you all the luck, I hope you keep Ryan. BTW, Ryan’s receivers are also [marginally] better than Bucs receivers.

My thinking was I would be getting a good position piece back for a QB which is rare. Winston is good enough, going to throw a ton and has already had his bye. He may throw two picks but also may have 350+ yds and three or four TD’s in the same game.I think Winston has the better receiving corps 1-5 then Ryan.

I’ve been leaning Ryan but it was the chance to take advantage of an opponents QB bye and at bench piece.

What did you do in the end? did you trade away ryan and keep winston?

I ended up droppinng Winston and picking up Trubisky and have played Ryan or Mitch depending on matchups.