Trade: Sammy Watkins for Duke Johhson in Dynasty? PPR

My RB’s are Gurley, Carson, Gordon, AP, Drake, and some bench warmers. I’d be giving up Sammy.

I’d do it. Just to have more depth at RB if Gurley gets re injured. Who are your WRs? I’m assuming you aren’t giving up much with watkins?

who are your WR is the big question. In a vacuum I would do that assuming my WR weren’t very thin. Your RB seem to be strong, but depth does help.

Golladay, Cooper, Edelman, Kupp, Jeffery, JJ Whiteside

Yeah Cooper edleman and kupp are your starters. Watkins is a flex or bye week player. Do the trade.

I’m playing devil’s advocate here I say no and here’s why. Sammy is on the highest scoring offense that spreads the ball but he is the number two and is dominate when he’s healthy and in a contract year I believe so he has to play to stay. Duke Johnson is a rb in a dynasty league what is his actual longevity? And he hasn’t actually guaranteed himself a role he’s just a veteran on the team damarea Crockett looked good but is an undrafted free agent but remember what Denver did with Phillip lindsey? I mean you have enough rb depth but you’re giving up a potential top end WR2 I I say don’t make the trade you have far more questions at receiver. Kupo just off multiple ligament tears, Edelman is old as fuck, amari Cooper had like 4 good games in Dallas we’ll see if it continues the Lions line sucks and won’t protect Stafford enough to ensure enough quality targets to golladay and alshon Jeffery hasn’t played a full 16 in years and then you have a rookie wr on a team saturated in receivers with an expanding run game they picked up two rb’s in the offseason