Trade Sandeds for AP+?

Is AP worth picking up in a trade for E.Sanders?
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I wouldn’t risk it. AP has a pretty tough schedule and a bye. Sanders on the other hand has a much better schedule, is already showing great rapport with Jimmy, and the 9ers will have some tougher offenses coming up, so expect more passes in shootouts

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Is guice worth a pick and stash? I’d have to drop someone like Stills.

That might be alright, depends on if you have good WR depth and can afford a stash. Guice is obviously a risk because he’s coming back from injury on a losing team, so they may not be excited to give him a big workload and risk his health for future years. If your record and team allow for a stash spot, go for it. But if you need a player to plug in the coming weeks, keep Stills.