Trade Saquon for Thielen & T.Y Hilton?

Do I trade Saquon for Thielen & T.Y Hilton? (Redraft)

I decided to go 4 straight Rb’s for this draft and could definitely use more depth at Wr. But then again, I’m tempted to try and gain Wr depth by selling someone other than Saquon.

Rb: Saquon, Cook, McKinnon, R. Freeman, Murray, Michael
Wr: Hogan, Garcon, Shephard, Lockett, Hurns, Westbrook, Allison

Absolutely not. Trade McKinnon.

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I’d do it…

It looks like a good trade, my only concern is that it would leave you without a top tier player like Barkley. It would give your team a lot of depth but you cant start all of them. Like you mentioned, I would maybe try to move one of your other RB’s and maybe go for a 1 to 1 trade.

You guys can’t be serious.

Do. Not. Do. This.


Issa biggg no for me bro


DFWB - I saw your hatred of McKinnon on some other topics. But for whatever reason, I truly believe he has some tremendous upside IF, big IF, he stays healthy all year.

Wally - My initial thought was to trade Cook, as I’m not completely sold on him and he broke my heart last season. The guy I’m trading with is desperate for another Rb, but already said he wouldn’t do Thielen & Hilton for Cook. Any Suggestions?

His Team:
Rb: DJ, White, Peterson, RoJo, A. Jones
Wr: Thielen, Hilton, Tate, A Rob, Goodwin

I personally think Thielen is better than Hilton alone, let alone giving up Saquon too

Yea I wouldn’t do it but you have 3 others that most would love to have. You should have no problem shopping Cook, McKinnon or Freeman. I’d personally try to shop McKinnon. I love his potential but his health for the full season scares the piss out of me.

I do indeed. But even if I’m wrong about the upside, the odds of him staying healthy with that workload aren’t great. The hype is completely out of control. I’d trade him ASAP.

Barkley for two 3rdish or lower tier WRs is just a bad move.

Not in a million years. Saquon is a potential league winner. Assuming this is PPR, you look fine. I’d move Freeman or McKinnon while the hype is huge. Target Diggs, Thielen or Hilton individually. I’d be happy with Hogan as my WR2 considering the rest of your lineup. Goodwin and ARob would be strong high upside targets at a much lower cost.

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I’d see who had Doug Baldwin and what their RB situation looks like and take a shot for him while there’s still a little uncertainty regarding his health.

The Footclan has spoken. I agree with having a potential league winner on the roster and Saquon would be my guy. With him so desperate for an Rb, I may take a look at Freeman for Thielen. Appreciate the help.

You’ve got a really solid squad as is, but you are looking to trade, I would send Cook. PFF ranks the Vikings O-Line bottom of the league and we only have a small sample size. Trade while his ADP is high. Nonetheless, great draft!

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There is no way, I am doing this trade.

Last year was Thielen’s ceiling. There is no chance he sees 140 targets again and he won’t see nearly as many red zone looks.

Hilton I love but he is a high risk play as well.

There’s no chance I’m giving up a top 5 RB for those 2 guys. Especially to the guy who ALREADY has David Johnson. You need to plan ahead man. If you make this trade, you’re basically giving that guy a huge advantage over rest of the league.

Take someone like McKinnon or Cook and package them with one of your lesser receivers for an upgrade at WR.

McKinnon, just isn’t a good running back. Been over this again and again. Anyone who pays a 3rd round pick for him is buying at his ceiling.


Um yeah,…NOO!

No way, I’m trying to sell Cook or McKinnon. Don’t like either one enough to not trade them, but Barkley is special. Give me L Murray all day over Cook as he is free and I think that backfield will be more of a split than people think and Murray will get the goal line work.

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No way. Just think about it, that guy is just salivating hoping you accidentally hit the accept button.

Update: I have subsequently been offered (from another league member) to trade Dalvin Cook & Hogan for M. Evans & Mixon.

Previous advice had been to keep Saquon and shop either Cook or McKinnin in attempts to upgrade at Wr. I believe that long term, Evans will outproduce Hogan, but I do feel as if I will be downgrading slightly at Rb to make that happen. Thoughts on this over the original trade? Or should I just keep shopping.

Current Roster Reminder:
Rb: Saquon, Cook, McKinnon, R. Freeman, Murray, Michael
Wr: Hogan, Garcon, Shephard, Lockett, Hurns, Westbrook, Allison

No…don’t part with Saquon for those two guys.

Monster upside RB capital is hard to come by.

The guy offering you this trade knows that.