Trade Saquon for Thielen & T.Y Hilton?

I would trade Cook and Hogan for Mixon and Evans in a heartbeat. Definitely not the Saquan deal.

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I prefer Mixon to Cook and Evans to Hogan, so that’s a no brainer to me.

Trade McKinnon, Keep Saquon

I absolutely would jump on that. I don’t see where you would be getting worse overall. I like Cook as a player more than Mixon, but I think Mixon will be better fantasy wise this year than cook. Evans can be a top end WR 1 and has done it before. I like Hogan, but I don’t think he can do that with Gronk and Edelman there.

I would take this trade. I’m worried about Cook’s workload, esp on the goal line. I think Murray worked himself into a job and definitely secured goalline work at a minimum. Dalvin Cook is their future and they’re not going to run him into the ground when they have another competent back. That Oline also took a huge step back this year. I prefer Evans to Hogan by a wide margin as well and it’s not even close.

One other consideration, last year when Cook was getting a massive workload, Murray was actually injured so I don’t think you can use that as a basis for his workload this year. So i think the workload between Cook and Mixon will be pretty similar. Only diff being vikings are a much better team but given Murray will steal most of the goal line work, I think that equalizes a bit.

MikeMeUpp, I’m a big fan of your analysis on all of these posts on these forums, keep it up bud.


Thanks brother. Appreciate it.

I would not.
although fair.
I would figure out a better deal.
thielen gonna be moderate
Hilton may be big

Nah but you could package a RB like McKinnon with a wr for a better wr and a worse rb or 2 for 1 .

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If you’re referring to the original trade, it’s not even close to fair.

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the way fantasy works is people give their opinions and then at the end of the year the guys who are the most right win.

you think thielen is strong…I do not. I think he plays down a notch.

TY hilton sucked last year so it all depends on luck and many say he does not have same zip on pass

there is a correlation between top ranked offenses and RBs…and the Giants are not gonna be the top ranked offense.

there are many factors…you are following the crowd when you vote one way.

I could easily see all three being busts or average.

  1. thielien because diggs will be much better
  2. Hilton because luck not himself
  3. or Barkley being on a dysfunctional team.
    I like Barkley the best of the 3

everyone drafts ADP and they almost never win…sometimes you have to go with your own thougths

This is definitely my own opinion, and not me following the crowd. Check with anyone who is on here much and they’ll definitely tell you I don’t mind going out on a limb and against the crowd, so you can save the condescension.

You assume that this won’t be a good offense based off what? Last year without their top 3 of their top 4 WRs (and the 4th playing injured all year), a bunch of also rans at RB, and an awful, uncreative coach? You might be right, but I think that’s a dubious assumption at best.

There is also a correlation between RBs getting the ball a ton and being productive in fantasy, especially if they’re used in the passing game. Do you disagree that Barkley is going to get the ball a ton?

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But really the point was that you can definitely get more for Barkley.

like I said there are many factors…

it is extremely rare to be a top RB without a top offense. The numbers do not back it up.

So all those factors go into figuring out if a trade is fair.

and if people just look at ADP that is how some guys win and some guys are good and never quite win…they do not want to win, they want to get close

this is what I believe is gonna happen…thielien is gonna be less than last year and just alright (unless you value consistency and I do at WR)

Luck is going to start his way off slow and get better by the end of the year so that makes Ty Hilton possible trade bait

Barkley should be find but I am okay with him being inside top ten…I do not know how a young guy does with a weak coach and a big mouth like beckham demanding the ball AND other WR…and TE

NY will have a better offense, but will it be top ten???

That is why I said many factors and this is why there is a fair aspect to it…it is whom you think is going to break and or bust…it is not ADP…ADP there is only one way to go…but that is not how I see it

Draft Capital correlates heavily with Volume. And Volume, correlates heavily with RB production more than almost any other factor. If an RB gets 350 touches, they will be, an RB1. That’s just the bottom line. An RB on a top offense ofcourse has HIGHER upside then one with a crappy offense, but volume is king here. For example, when Trent Richardson was taken with the 3rd overall pick to the Cleveland browns and was given the volume. I don’t think anyone here is going to try and argue that was a good offense by any measure right? And I don’t think anyone will argue he was a better talent or was more efficient than Barkley will be right? Here was his finish that year:

Rushing: 267 Carries, 950 yards, 3.6 YPC, 11 TD
Receiving: 70 targets, 51 receptions, 367 yards, 7.2 YPR, 1 TD

Half ppr finish? RB7.

I easily see Saquon exceeding that volume and I view giants as a SUPERIOR offense to that 2012 browns team which finished 5-11.

In terms of RBs, Saquon is about as safe as they come. 350 touches at a minimum and I am betting he is far more efficient than what richardson did that year.

Giants will have way more redzone looks than the browns did that year and if you think JStew is going to compete on the goalline vs barkley, you’re kidding yourselves.


I don’t know why you keep mentioning ADP. I’ve said nothing about it, and only use it to know what other people are likely to do. I use my own rankings.

As for the giants, I think they’re going to be right around that top 10. If not comfortably inside it.