Trade scenario plz help!

Hey Guys,

I feel like I gotta switch it up because I’ve just been terrible. Maybe due to poor decisions. Anyhow, I’m thinking of a potential trade.

I’m thinking of offering Julio and Cook for Freeman, AJ Green and Jimmy Graham. Alternatively, I’m thinking of offering Cook, Cooper and Golden Tate for Freeman and Aj Green. I don’t know if the other person would do it but I want to know your thoughts. Maybe even another group for Green (Cohen/Cooper/Tate)? Otherwise, should I just ride out my current team a bit more bc I’m just having unfortunate weeks? Thanks.


QB: Rivers/Luck
RB: Ajayi/Cook/Cohen/Kelley/Buck Allen
WR: Julio/Cooper/Tate/Parker
DEF: MIN/Streaming options
K: Tavecchio

To be honest, I would probably hold on and wait it out a little longer. Cook is looking like a beast, and Julio will be fine. Graham is too iffy with his injury history and that sea offense looking like it does, same with green.

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Cook is looking good, if any, I would be tempted to trade Ajayi, but that depends on who else is free