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Trade scenario


Unfortunately, in one league people drafted QBs early so I am stuck with Rivers and have Luck. Would you offer Rivers and Golden Tate for Carr and Martavis Bryant or rather Emmanuel Sanders? Thanks!

Already have Julio and Cooper at my two WR slots and a bench with Rashard Matthews and Devante Parker.


Is it a 2 qb league? If so maybe. Otherwise you are fine with rivers. In the last 9 years he has gone under 4000 yards once, has averaged a 96 passer rating, and has never gone under 26 TDs. Solid numbers all around. He is a reliable qb, who happens to also have his weapons back this year. He is not a sexy qb pick, but he is solid all around.


I was thinking the same thing. I just think I’m feeling pressed to trade bc Rivers is against DEN, but I also agree that he has a ton of weapons and has been consistent. Hopefully he won’t throw as many picks bc that could have just been a dud year and he may be a serviceable QB until Luck is back. I also figured Tate is maybe more consistent than Bryant anyway. Still just wanted to get an opinion bc it could have just been an off year.

Thanks for your reply!!


Also, no it’s a 1 QB league!


The Denver part does worry me, last year he didn’t do hot against them. If you are worried about that, in sure you can find a good matchup on waivers to play. Then pick him up after this weekend’s games


Unfortunately this league is with some newer people so they all took most of the viable QBs super early. Pretty ridiculous hahaha I’ll just hope for the best for Rivers. Thanks!


Week 1, Carr has a big O/U, lots of points at TEN. then NYJ at home week 2, at WASH week 3. @DEN week 4

Rivers: @ DEN, week 2 MIA at home, KC at home, PHI at home.

You might do well with Carr until Luck gets back (which is the question) but get Martavis who could be a stud, if he can stay un-suspended