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Trade scenarios for #1 overall (DJ, bell, zeke available)


So ive been flirting my #1 overall pick out there and these are the offers ive gotten so far.

I give up 1.1 and 3.12

I receive 1.6(julio) and demarco in the 5th as a keeper
I receive 1.9(jordy) and shady in the 2nd as a keeper
i receive 1.8(aj green or freeman) and mike thomas in the 8th



I honestly don’t like any of these trades for you. I’d rather have a 3rd round pick and DJ or Bell than any of the other combinations you mentioned. The closest value-wise is the 1.8 and mike thomas, because you may actually be able to keep him for a long time. Shady and Murray don’t have much time left.


I’d be very tempted by AJ and Thomas


I’m leaning towards doing the 1.8 (picking Freeman) and Michael Thomas trade (you would be starting out with a RB1 and WR1, but you are also OK to stay put and get an elite RB1, and probably a good WR2 with your 3.12 pick… I probably wouldn’t do either of the other deals in a keeper format.


thanks guys, idk if this changes things but i have Evans at 2.5 as a keeper. I wouldnt have keeper rights to any of the players above (murray, shady, or thomas) i couldnt keep any of them past this year


I’d take it for Jordy and Shady if you already have Evans. That sounds like money to me.


Jordy and Shady hands down.

Shady can be as good as Zeke, Bell or Johnson (with Gilislee gone). So you get a potential wash at RB and get Jordy for your third round pick technically.

Having Shady, Jordy and Evans to start your lineup is solid.