Trade sent to me. Accept it?

Get in the Trade
Cameron Brate (For if Gronk gets hurt)
Chris Thompson

Send Away
David Johnson
Austin Seferian Jenkins
Andre Ellington

Bump up need opinions

Hard to give advice without your roster or scoring format.

PPR. as far as roster goes I have Bell and Elliott. He has Hunt. I am not sure I want to give him DJ because hunt DJ in playoffs will do good.
But he is 1-4 and tough schedule. He might not make it to playoffs

Yea. Without knowing the format and not knowing if Ellington is a starter for you, I think I would take the deal. Johnson is a luxury stash, who knows if he plays again this season. Gronk will win you weeks and Brate and ASJ are washes.

I’d say do it

depends on your roster. I do not like the two TE trade. I would ask for another role player. If you are doing amazing and 4 -1 5-0 I would do the trade for sure.

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I think Gronk is a clear cut game winner at a position that is hard to even get 10 points a week at. If you want to risk his health and you feel like taking a risk for that type of player do it. Me personally I would as no, pick up Nick O’leary and match up play him and ASJ

What if I can do this. He has first waiver wire pick (FAAB is better I know) If I can get him to pick up Mckinnon to add to the trade instead of Brate.
So Gronk, Thompson and Mckinnon for ASJ DJ and Ellington

It is personal prefrence on the gamble, however I don’t see Thompson as a good option, and McKinnon had one big play in a split backfield. My opinion would be Ellington is a solid RB 2 in PPR and DJ could come back and win you the league. Gronk is great but how long can he stay on the field?

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That’s what I am thinking also. I so want to accept this but everytime I think about accepting it I think about how awesome it would be to have Bell & Zeke and then DJ as a Flex haha
F it I probably wont accept it.

If you could swing something a little safer I would say do it but first do some serous research on DJ and his expected due back date, might be sooner than you think

Yeah I have tried but no real update. Said 2-3 months, Coach said around Christmas. Reports came out might get through it early. I think I am going to wait it out. My team is stacked right now and I am 4-1.

With the news Adrian Peterson is going to cardnials do you think I should do this trade? Ellington becomes a non factor and now they might not rush back DJ if Peterson can do decent.

I don’t know that Ellington is a non factor, he will be the pass catching back. Who know what AP is this season because we didn’t get an in depth look at him in NO. It makes it tough but it might be worth the gamble now. There would be no wiggle room for injury, but it could win you the season.

I’m thinking about letting the trade sit there till I see if I get Peterson off waivers. But I also don’t want to give him time to cancel it.
This is hard idk what to do.