Trade Shady away?

Getting a lot of bites on Shady. Ive had some injury issues…I lost watson and i have hopkins and jordy. FULL PPR.

Do I trade Shady and Jordy for Freeman and Demarco?



RB: Shady, Ingram, CJ Anderson, Damien Williams, Marlon Mack
WR: Hopkins, Jordy, Keenan Allen
TE: ASJ, Olsen

Would be able to roll out Ingram, Freeman, Murray, Hopkins, Allen, Olsen (after the bye next week).

Thanks all!

And I hate that I have to even consider this…I dont want to trade McCoy

Come on footclan…assemble!

I would be very excited to do this trade…If I was on ghe other side.

You’re worried about mccoy getting injured? Cause freeman is dealing with injury and is not being utilized nearly as much.

I recognize you probably want to get rid of nelson as well, I would try something else.

No, I’m not worried about McCoy getting hurt, I’m worried about my team not being able to win. I don’t love the trade, but wondering if it helps me out long term. I don’t know if it does.