Trade Shenault & Fant for Waller?

1/2 PPR, also have Godwin, Patrick, Mooney, Parker, & Raymond at WR. I’d be trading away Shenault/Fant for Waller.

Right now Bridgewater is still questionable - but I think if he plays Patrick’s value covers Shenault and Waller is infinitely better than Fant.

Consider it this way:

Waller has seen no less than 7 targets in a game all season.
Fant has seen as low as 3, and as many as 10, and never topped 6/10 for 46yds and a TD which was last week.

I didn’t mention Shenault b/c his career high just happened when Chark left. Your betting that Shenault isn’t going to produce. He also hasn’t scored a TD in 4 weeks.

Either way, if the guy is serious, I’d wait a week, or if you’re in a rush, I’d go for a Direct WR + TE trade if that’s the case. Get a decent WR for yourself to compensate.