Trade Shepard for Morris

Need help! Trade deadline is coming up! I have juilo and Jeffery as my wideouts. My rbs are Martin, Peterson, and Murray. I have an offer for Shepard for Corey Coleman and Alfred Morris. I’m 6th right now and I’m the fringe of missing the playoffs!

Anyone have an opinion

Corey Coleman doesn’t come back till another 2 weeks i believe, and Alfred Morris won’t be a factor unless Zeke gets his suspension. At this rate you should keep Shepard because jeffery is on a bye and you can’t use coleman.

I wouldn’t do it! Coleman and Morris COULD both be useless and Shepard should be locked in at least as a high end WR3. If you’re going to move him for an RB, at least get someone who will FOR SURE help you now. All signs point to Zeke playing this week. If you were in 1st place and a lock for playoffs then taking a shot on Alf wouldn’t be the worst idea, but I think there’s way too much risk in Morris and Coleman for your situation. (and that Shepard is worth more anyway)