Trade..Should I bite?

Got an offer. I give up Antonio Gibson for Emmanuel Sanders and Kenyan Drake. PPR redraft league

I can afford trading a RB but is this a fair trade? Both our WRs and RBs listed below. He obviously needs RB depth. I was planning to drop AJ Green and grab Tim Patrick in waivers. But should I bite on this offer? I feel he’s trying to sell high because once Thomas returns then Sanders’ stock will fall.

Would a straight up Gibson for Lamb trade be more fair? Thoughts?

My WRs: K.Allen, Diggs, Thielen, AJ Green, and Chark
My RBs: Cook, Robinson, Carson, Gibson, Kelley, Henderson.

His WRs: OBJ, D.Parker, Gallup, Hilton, Lamb, Sanders
His RBs: Drake, Mckinnon, Burkhead

I’d stay put. I feel like you don’t need to move anyone but if you did you could get more value for more playable pieces. Drake is a good pickup but Sanders isn’t the other piece. Maybe Lamb would be better because i would actually think you could play him ROS rather than Sanders.

Thanks for the input. I’m seeing on different forums and chats that owners are looking to offload Drake which is why I’m hesitant especially with Gibson trending up. I do need a solution to AJ Green and Lamb would be an upgrade at this point. Higgens is still on waiver so maybe I’ll try getting him or Tim Patrick first before making my choice on this trade.

Green is a drop candidate for sure. Higgins or Patrick are interesting pickups. Lamb has a higher ceiling if you can get a deal done. But looking at both your rosters I’m not sure it’s a good fit. Gibson is leveling up so I would move unless you got a good return like high RB2/WR2.