Trade Singletary for Steelers defense?

12 team standard league. Currently in 7th place.

My Rbs are

David Johnson
Devin Singletary
Nick Chubb
Tevin Coleman

Julius Edelman
Curtis Samuel
DK Metkalf
Robert Woods
Michael Gallup


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I think you do need to find a better defense after this week. Against Miami Buffalo should be fine, but the Bills schedule is a hellscape of sadness after that. They are projected to be the DST31 Weeks 12-16 in my model. It will change with last night’s game, but as of yesterday the Steeler’s were projected to be the second-best DST through the end of the year. Even with yesterday’s dud they should still project very well given their schedule. All that said, I would not trade a solid starting RB for Pitsburg’s D if I could find any reasonably viable option on waivers, even if it meant rostering two defenses and alternating them.

My full DST model with projections for every match through the end of the year is below. Hopefully you can use it to find options to play Weeks 12-16. Ideally you would pick one up now, and another after this week when you should be discarding Buffalo like a radioactive booger. In your situation I would probably let go of Robert Woods to make room for the extra DST rather than trading Singletary to get Pitsburg.

You can check out all my models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 11 streaming post here. Comments and feedback are welcome. Good luck!

Wow!! This is a good chart. Thanks a lot. So Robert Woods has no value at this point huh? I do see the Ravens on waivers. Might snatch them up.

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Actually they are gone. Based on the list the next one available in my waivers are the Houston Texans.

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Houston is great after this week, so I’d grab them. If you can stream another one just this week great, or maybe take your chances with them vs. Baltimore knowing they’ll improve after that.

I have the Bill’s vs Miami for this week. So getting Texans for ROS would be great. What is tricky here is, if I drop woods now and get them well… I could possibly get them next week if I drop Bill’s for them. That would burn waiver priority 3 on my end. If I do it now, they are free agent. Tricky eh?

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Yes have to balance a few things. On balance, I think I drop someone and pick the DST up so I don’t risk it. I went and checked FantasyPros rest of season rankings, and they actually have Woods as WR24 rest of season, but Metcalf as the WR40, so I’d trust their assessment and keep Woods. WR40 should be OK to drop to have a good defense.

Steelers defense is worth playing through week 16, so it’s worth it, especially if your league doesn’t use week 17. singletary has tough matchups towards end of season so I would probably do it