Trade situation on deep league!

Im in a hug 32 man roster (IDP) huge scoring, i need to always start 10 off players doesnt really matter what position. clearly no QBs on waivers. that being said, i need a qb, would you rather trade away hyde and graham for Dak and a small piece or ertz for dak straight up and keep hyde? either way id be picking up engram of the waiver to replace the TE

That is a crazy cool league you got going there but the Dak owner is sitting on his high horse and scoffs at most trade offers. At least that’s how I would be if anyone wanted Dak from me in the one league I got him.

Maybe you need to aim lower for a QB with high upside but not quite at Daks value right now like Matt Ryan or Tyrod. Either Graham or Hyde straight up for someone like that might work but your league sounds so crazy I don’t know if anyone can give you solid advice.

The only thing going for me is that he is willing the trade dak. But I might have to give up Ertz for him, been trying to get him from me for awhile