Trade Situation

I am in a 10 team dynasty league on sleeper.

Before the league rolled over, almost three weeks ago, I offered a trade. I was just re-offered this trade in the 2020 league year and told the owner I was considering it, as I was working on a better deal for that player.

The other owner just accepted the old league year’s offer despite his outstanding offer in 2020. The other owners now want to force me to take this trade.

Is this fair? What should I do?

No. If there is no trade review period , there should be a set rule for pending trades offers. Like 7 or 5 days that’s plenty of time to review and make a decision On the offer. But make sure if the trades lingering and they don’t accept within that time frame to cancel your trade request to avoid this for future years.

IMO once the league rolls over the new league is king. In your situation the trade shouldn’t go through until accepted in the 2020 league

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