Trade Sony for D jax and Aaron Jones?

1PPR , 12 team redraft. I would have to drop Lockett or Fitzgerald to complete the trade.

Send Sony Michele and get Deshawn, and Aaron Jones?

wow accept this trade big win for you

Just worried about taking on D jax with winston. Already have Amari to pull my hair out over every week.

No way. Sony > A Jones skillwise, and Sony’s RBBC is much less competitive than A Jones’ who still has to cede touches to Jamaal and Ty, somehow.

Desean is a one hit wonder and will usually get you less than 10 points. He is particularly bad for PPR.

Double digit points for Jackson 3 out of the 4 games so far (Chi being the one team he underperformed), the Bucs defense is bad they will always be playing from behind and as far as Aaron Jones goes if u watched the game you can see the clear talent difference Jones will not have to share the backfield much longer

I know what Jackson has done. I know all about A Jones too. I don’t think OP will end up being happy with this trade. Just my opinion on the matter.

I feel you I def value your fantasy knowledge Falcones, do you believe in Sony? I have him in multiple leagues. Can he find himself in low end RB1 territory?

Would it change any of your opinions if I changed D Jax for Callaway? His targets are enticing.

Haha much appreciated - zero guarantees that I am correct on any of this, just my observations from past seasons owning Desean and dealing with the GB backfield all of last season.

Sony was an RB god at UGA and was drafted in the 1st round with the Pats’ first pick (the Pats of all teams drafting an RB to join their usual 4 RBBC…). That the Pats made that decision, as well as Sony’s showing last week in his first game as the starter/carries leader, gives me optimism that he has that potential. Esp when the opposing defense is busy prepping for Tom Brady.

He still will split snaps with James White unfort for Sony, and some games will be more James White, while others will be more Sony. But I think they want to use him as their inside runner and hopefully that’ll get him goal line TD chances too.

So I think Sony has a shot to be a low end RB1 if he sees sufficient work, which will depend a lot on how he does each game with his chances. But he’ll def get plenty of opportunities.

A Jones on the other hand clearly is the best RB for the Packers by talent, as was the case last season, but GB hasn’t allowed anybody to really “take over” its backfield for a couple years after Eddie Lacy got fat. Plus, the game is Aaron Rodgers’ to lose, so many games will end up with Jones seeing less than 10 carries IMO. To me that makes him just not worth sacrificing potential RB1 talent on the perennial SB contender Patriots.

makes sense, I think I’m on your side against myself now lmao, Stevoh I think Callaway is a much better option and better situation

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Cracks me up, I have been burnt chasing NE running backs and had Lacy his the one year he was in shape…kinda. Past experiences always get in my head.

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yea same here luckily with Sony its a new situation with a less crowded backfield and that’s why I changed my mind on Jackson because I have never owned him so I wouldn’t see the struggle

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Thanks guys I like how this went.

I think I am going to counter with Connor and see what he says

nevermind cant do that, didn’t realize how close we are to Bell coming back.