Trade Sony Michel for Chris Thompson & Allen Robinson

Hey Clan -

I have the trade above on the table, I would trade away Sony and get Thompson & Robinson in return. Thoughts? I know there are conflicting reports around Sony (he looked slow), but could be a game changer with Burkhead now on IR.

My team - Zeke, Drake, Lewis, Kerryon, (Sony)
Keenan, Cooper, Marvin, Baldwin, Hogan, Cobb

I’m thinking about countering with
Sony + Cooper to get Thompson + Robinson + Fuller

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Hey Footclan - Any help on this one?

Absolutely, Michel will have a lot of opportunity moving forward, but New England is weird. Robinson and Thompson have way too much upside to pass up.

I like the counter more. Gets rid of Cooper so you don’t even have to think about playing him

Thanks - Drop Cobb or Hogan to make bench space?

Thanks - Drop Cobb or Hogan for bench space?

Drop Hogan

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With your roster I would keep Sony. The Patriots won’t stay bad on offense, they never do. They get Gordon and Edelman soon which will open up lanes for Sony. I think pretty soon he would be your RB2 and while thompson is great he ALWAYS gets injured. Robinson is good and getting targets but I’m trying to stay away from Trubiski personally, the dude just doesn’t look good.

either, flip a coin