Trade Sony?

So i’m currently 2-4 after winning my last two weeks thanks to the help of Sony Michel. In spite of this, I cant help but think it wouldnt be a bad idea to consider trades to try and balance out my team a bit. Currently have Kareem Hunt, Sony Michel, Marshawn Lynch, and Dion Lewis as my RB’s and O’dell Beckham JR, Demaryius Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Keelan Cole, and Mike Williams at WR. Was considering trying to trade Sony for Brandin cooks and Dalvin cook since the owner has lost faith in dalvin, he also has robert woods, and it would give me better depth at WR where i could fill a spot for either ito smith or marlon mack off waivers. Am i crazy for considering this?

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You can’t afford to trade sony for a WR. You have no other viable weekly starters.

Yeah theres the part of my brain thats saying its risky as well seeing as what it could potentially do to my RB depth. Chalk it up to my insentient desire to try and improve my team when i dont seem to have anything worthwhile to make a trade with that doesn’t cripple my team. Thanks for the input.

i would try to trade marshawn

thought about that too. would maybe work if the guy was not also 2-4, but i dont think he’ll go for someone on a bye.