Trade steal but getting mixed reviews

I just traded Tevin Coleman & Emmanuel Sanders for Devante Adams & Gerrald Everett. I thought I was getting a steal and still do but some of my fantasy buddies don’t agree. 10 team, 1/2 ppr, 2wrs, 2rbs & flex. This is a one player keeper league and I could make Adams my keeper next year for a 3rd round pick. The trade gets processed this Saturday but my current roster of rbs, wrs, & tes is:
Tevin Coleman
Melvin Gordan
James White

Tyreek Hill
Michael Thomas
Kenny Stills
Emmanuel Sanders

Zach Ertz

Any thoughts on this trade…

With the way Rodgers is playing and if Adams can stay healthy he should be a top tier WR and a steal. Biggest issue is if his toe slows him down

The trade is very fair tbh… i take adams side but not for that much

I wouldn’t call it a high-stakes robbery, but I’d take Adams over Coleman. I’d try and pick up another RB, like Guice tho bc now your RB room is isn’t as deep.