Trade Strategy to Raise your PF

So, I am 3-2 in my league but I have the least amount of points scored. (By a a lot, although skewed by 1 terrible week). I think the obvious move is to try and upgrade it running back. I am having a terrible time trading in my league, there are a few guys that just will not budge/respond even though they’re 0-5. What do you guys suggest to a trade averse league? I feel like Kupp is my biggest trade asset, but also one of my biggest contributors to my team so far

I have some solid players such as: MattRyan/Ben, Jordan Howard, breida, t coleman, Michael Thomas, kupp, kittle, Lindsay ,j Gordon, CDavis, Lockett, Hines

You’re pretty thin on solid floor guys. I’d probably be trying to move Howard while he’s considered a solid RB, move off a QB, shop J Gordon C Davis and try and get players on more consistent O’s. You have a lot of boom or bust types. Makes your team volatile and hard to compete week in and week out like that. Is your league standard or PPR?

You think so? I am and a half point PPR league. See, I actually think I have a solid baseline, but a limited ceiling because I don’t have a stud running back . I planned on shopping my receivers for an upgrade at running back. But it is so tough to get a stud running back in a trade in my league

You’re RB situation is hard to overcome. If Breida could stay healthy, he’s probably your 1 solid RB. Howard doesn’t fit Nagy style of O. 4 games of slim #'s for JoHo is worrisome for me. Looks like your QB/WR/TE are carrying you though. So when one of them have an off week you’re in trouble. I would think JoHo, Gordon/Davis might be able to upgrade you at RB. That’s what I’d be looking to do anyways. I mean if you can get someone to over pay for a Thomas or Kupp… that would be ideal. Being were you’re at, it’s hard to downgrade the WR spot that’s getting most your points

Since your league appears to be trade averse, I’d suggest shopping around one of your QBs and package another expendable player with him to get the ball rolling on an an RB upgrade.

If they fear trading, maybe they don’t evaluate position value the way they should and a flashy QB can get it done.

One thing to consider, if you have a need, don’t give away the farm, but sometimes you have to make an offer they can’t refuse. Offer a little more than you want to get what you need.

I agree man, I don’t want to give up too much of my WR and regret it. I definitely agree about Howard, he hasn’t looked good in that offense at all this season from my eyes . But, I was comfortable having him as a second running back . I think I may have to overpay a little bit . The owner of Saquon, Hunt, and Belll needs WR help badly. So he is my main target. The 0-5 owner never responds to my trades

I’d over pay for Saquon lol Then you’d be more balanced. Try and move JoHo, Gordon and a QB and see if you can get a counter

I like the thinking… the problem is everyone in this 10 teamer has a legit starter & most are rostering 2 solid QBs :confused: but I need to keep this in mind

Maybe start JoHo and Kupp for Saquon and a WR 2/3 type. Shows reasonable interest where you might get a counter

Sounds good! I also thought about trading to get Bell and use the two weeks between now and his return as leverage to get him at a cheaper price

Yeah… starting with JoHo and Kupp let’s them know you’re willing to talk something serious and not just an out right low ball offer than generally gets you ignored. :wink:

I’ll mention it to him, he’s willing to negotiate… it’ll be reallyyyy hard getting rid of kupp for me… such emotional attachment !! Haha

Spin it you’d rather move Kupp vs Gordon because of NE starting to gel on O. Maybe they’ll take the bait and want Gordon. :wink:

I have a slightly different thought to offer. Do you message/text them before you send an offer? I’ve realized that speaking before you send the offer raises the chances of a counter. You’ll learn alot quicker if they’ll accept or decline and know specifically why.
As for a trade, I’d offer one of your qb’s and maybe kupp or howard. Whichever position your potential trade partner might need. Ive found qb names are huge eye catchers and over rated. I traded away pat mahomes last night to a guy asking for one of my stud wr’s. instead I still have my wideouts and have two solid to great running backs.

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Sorry to keep bothering you, but do you think it is a good idea to give up Kittle and a solid piece to a TE needy team (the 0-5 team) for McCaffery or JWhite? Or does that hurt me in the long run of not having a good TE?

Yes. RB is a bigger need with a bigger impact for points. I’d target CMC over White. White is solid for PPR but you’d get no value paying for a guy after the last 2 weeks of his scoring. Over pay for the sure things.

I haven’t read through all responses so apologies if I’m repeating somebody – I would go straight to the Devonta Freeman owner and see what Tevin Coleman is worth to them, or how much it would cost you to get D. Freeman. Freeman just can’t stop injuring himself…looks like he will not be playing this Sunday in all likelihood, which would be sensible since the Falcons should have no trouble with TB. If they do struggle and even lose this game, then their season outlook is seriously grim. Which would mean Tevin will be getting a bigger share ROS regardless - Ito Smith as well. Anyway, might be worth gauging what the Freeman owner’s situation is.

Never hurts to ask. At this point most Freeman owners are probably trying to unload that headache that is Atl RBs

Well I’m off to bed… post if you made a deal happen in here. Curious to see if you had any luck.