Trade Sutton/Kerryon for Fournette/AJ Green?

Should I take the gamble on Fournette and Green for those two?

Fournette and Green would both be my 4th best at their position

I would suggest keeping Sutton and Johnson. Fournette currently has no team and any team he signs for will be a downgrade for him. As much as I love the idea of A.J. Green coming back there is no way he stays healthy. Just my two cents.

Appreciate the response and I think I agree but I still have the trade up so we’ll see. I added a post about my team. Like the depth I have so felt like maybe I could take a chance on that combo but definitely agree on Fournette.

Sutton has the potential to be the Top WR on an extremely young team with no injury history yet, and Kerryon will still likely be in an RBBC with Swift which is perfectly fine for a flex. Like @chris_major said, Fournette is still teamless and where-ever he goes he will have to learn an entirely new offense and compete with whoever is currently starting, only a handful of teams can he walk in and dominate the carries. Aj Green hasn’t been able to stay healthy in years and hasn’t had much time to develop a connection with his new rookie QB. If i were you i’d stick with what you got

If you can win now, then yes.