Trade sutton...Yes or no

Just out of a 14 team dynasty start up. Im relatively deep at wr…have ridley, Michael Thomas, dj moore, Boyd, and sutton are my top 5. Desperately shallow at rb. Got Cook @ 1.08 no clear #2 rb in a two team lineup. I was gonna take Matt Ryan and Mike Davis in this draft and they were snipped in front of me by the same owner [sf league btw 1ppr]. Said owner offers me ruggs III for sutton. Comical. Im gonna counter sutton and teddy b for Ryan and David. [Burrows qb1 and I drafted javeon Hawkins to take care of the atl back field]. Should I deal sutton or hold on?

The issue I see you will possibly run into, is Ryan is a low QB1/high QB2. Teddy B is mid QB2 at best (personal opinion), which in turn scares people away from Sutton.

Depending on how that owner views Ryan and Davis, you may need to sweeten the deal a little more.

Hey didn’t go for it​:joy::rofl:

Yeah, I didn’t think that trade would go through. Ryan still has 2-3 good years left as a decent SF option or a great streaming option. Teddy B is an all-my-QBs-are-injured-now-I-am-desparate-as-hell option. :rofl: