Trade swift?

I’m probably gonna be 1-5 tonight, 12 team full ppr

my qb play has been bad, I have Stafford and Big Ben and none has come through as I expected.

Arron Rodgers owner needs RB desperately(his only playable RB is Taylor then Harris, Dion Lewis), do you think Swift for Rodgers is a good trade or should I look to improve else where in my team? He also will be 1-5 and has Tyreek should I target him?

my team:

QB: Big Ben, Stafford
RB: Jones, Cook, Mattison, Swift, Moss, Freeman
WR: Golladay, Dionate Johnson, Jefferson, Higgins
TE: Fant, Higbee

If you can get Hill I’d target him. But whilst you’re 1-5 and still looking to make moves and win, there’s always the risk they have abandoned this for the year. Hope you can get Hill though.

what would you offer to him for hill? swift for hill straight up? I doubt he will take that

I’d probably be going Swift and Johnson or Jefferson to test waters. I don’t think it would be enough but you may get a counter

I offered Swift and Higgins for Tyreek, he said he will think about it. Maybe that will be enough for him

is that too good value or am I getting a steal if he accepts it?

Right now I really like it for you. Swift and Higgins are starting to show something so it might be pretty even by seasons end but I think you’d win. At least you know that a deal is within reach and that’s always nice

Swift for Ekeler straight swap? Who wins?

Swift for me right now. Ekeler injury was pretty bad. I think there’s a risk the Chargers protect him and he’s out most of the season especially if playoffs look unlikely.

If you have depth to never need swift then it’s a risk worth taking if he gets back soon. I just don’t think Ekeler return is imminent at all

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