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Trade T. Gurley for K. Hun t & C. Beasley


A trade was sent to me. They want Gurley and sending me K. Hunt & C. Beasley.

We are in a 8 team full PPR. My other RBs are D. Freeman, C. McCaffrey, D. Mc Fadden, J. Mixon T. Montgomer.
I have a open bench spot so Beasley will not make me drop a player.

What is your input.

Thank you,



The deal is essentially Gurley for Hunt.

I think I would say yes as Hunt has shown to have a 15 point floor


As above hunt is better than Gurley so Sunday it’s a no brainer. And then decide if you want to keep Beasley at waivers


I would rather have Hunt ROS because of his floor. Beasley shouldn’t even be a factor in this trade for you considering this is an 8 team league (unless you guys start 3 wide and a flex, and have deep benches). There are probably better WRs on the waiver wire, but that’s besides the point lol. Hunt> Gurley for me. Good luck!


I got Hunt and he ain’t goin nowhere!


I’m sticking with Hunt


Thanks for the input.