Trade T.Y for who?

With T.Y having a big game I think it’s time to get rid of him, it’s too annoying to have him on my roster, who do you think I should target and have a good chance of getting? My roster is
Qb Cousins
Rb Gordon, Ingram, J. Allen, Cohen, Darkwa
Wr T.Y, D. Thomas, Jarvis, J. Mathews
Te V. Davis, J. Reed, C. Clay

Help me out footclan!

I have him too. I would package him and Cohen together to get a good RB like Kamara or a good TE like Ertz.

Oh I forgot to mention it’s a 3 wr league so I’d want to get a wr back!

Yea I also have TY but my team is solid and i just cant bare to trade him away and turn’s out that TY starts getting targets again. I am a big TY believer, i think that his talents are top 3 in the NFL. However, I would also package TY and someone like Cohen and trade for either an RB or WR. Most likely a WR because you already have Gordon and Ingram in my opinion.