Trade talk .5 PPR

Robby Anderson for Coleman…should I take it? He needs a WR and I’m fine at that position with Woods, Jeffrey, Marvin Jones, and Terry McLaurin

That’s not a bad trade. At best Robby is your WR4? I think he will improve with Darnold back soon, but Tevin got the contract and he likely will be the lead dog in SF. Overall, a potential starting RB outweighs a bench WR if you feel comfortable at WR. If in two weeks Coleman gets 65-80% of the RB work then you’ll unlikely be able to make this trade then. With the caveat that the SF backfield is surprisingly deep with more than adequate fill ins if anyone gets injured, considering that whenever Shanahan sneezes one of his offensive players tears an ACL. Always have to weigh that in but I think they want Tevin to be the overall touch leader in that backfield.