Trade Talk Advice

Alright y’all I’ve got two trade scenarios with two different teams in my league. Right now my wr’s are pretty subpar. I have in a standard league Crabtree, Marquis Lee, Golladay, and Corey Davis.

My backs are Bell, Fournette, McCaffery, D. Martin and Rob Kelley.

The first scenario would be Bell, Martin and McCaffery for AJ Green and Dalvin Cook.

My second scenario would be Martin and McCaffery for Diggs and Jordan Howard, would you do it?

The second scenario guy I’d like to trade also has Julio Jones. Would y’all try to target Jones or Diggs?

Thanks y’all!!!

I would totally target Julio over Diggs and would probably hold onto Bell unless the offer is crazy good. I would trade fournette for Cook straight up though. (That’s just me and keep in mind I am a Vikings fan) Overall, I am not a fan of any of these trades for you so far

Martin & McCaffery for Diggs & Howard would give you a solid WR where now you have Crabtree and nothing else really.