Trade talk -Advise for me

Trade Advice… I should make the playoffs, I’ll be 7-4 after this week finishes. I’m looking for a WR who has great matchups in the playoffs, who should I aim for ? And who should I trade that would bring equal value back?

Miami, Buffalo, Atlanta, and Oakland all have pretty easy ROS schedules. I would like to go out and try to get Crabtree if I were you. You have some solid tradeable assets on your bench like Perine, Hilton, Doctson which I would be willing to give up for Crabtree. Might be able to get Kelvin Benjamin really cheap right now with him getting hurt and the QB shuffle they’ve been doing, but that could be risky.

i like rishard matthews, hes relatively cheap, they have a super easy schedule up until week 16. also you could go grab jordy on the cheap as well, rodgers comes back week 15…

I would combo Jones and Fitz for someone like Evans if you can. Julio is a good target too if you can get it in before tonight. I have a feeling he will have a good game. Even Allen despite the good game if the owner doesn’t think it will last. Allen has a good schedule ROS

I’d Combo Demarco Murray and Marvin Jones, and aim for a top 5 reciever, a Julio, Evans, Michael Thomas… you have Perine who is going to tear it up ROS

Update. I can get Leveon, and Dez for Ingram, Collins, and Larry or Marvin. Pull the trigger? Or I have another trade offer for Larry and Collins for Crabtree? Which one… hmmm

You really think Perine is gonna bust wide open from here on out? Cuz I’m desperately needing a “killer” pickup from WW this week. Good chance I’m prob not gonna be able to get into Play Offs…even by just skimming in under the wire. I’ve got a RB spot I can fill. I had Perine earlier this season…dropped him. But he’s available now. Ekelar’s also available, as is Burkhead. My thoughts would be Burkhead…but…LOL…I just went 5-6 this week with a W finally. Thanks a mil for any advice!!!

@darrin0c…sorry buddy…didn’t mean this post to steal away from your inquiry.

Is it PPR or half point? If so I would do the trade for Bell and Dez. It’s super risky but the load is always there for Bell. Ingram only had 11 carries but has been producing like crazy. Do you think he can keep it up? And I think Dez will get back on track. I would rather trade Fitz personally. If it’s standard I would keep Ingram. If you don’t do that first trade I would trade for Crabtree easy though. I think that’s an awesome trade for you

It’s a half point . It’s so hard to tell if both RBs, Ingram and Kamara, can keep it up… you’ve got to think one of them isn’t always going to be an RB1 weekly… I might just stick with what I have and grab Crabtree for my bench essentiallly.

I wouldn’t blame you for it. When they are up big Ingram will get the ball so he will always get his

lol you’re good dude. I’d grab Perine. Burkhead stuck in a timeshare, Eckler is Melvins back-up, that’s it. There is Perine, and just Perine in that offense… I think they had to sign a practice squad player, but Perine will be the guy. He’s talented, in a good offense, and will get the carries. So Perineeeee lol

TY my friend. Yeah…I see your points. And…I think Cousins is gold ROS. Soooo there ya go!!! :smiley: