Trade Talk: Conner, Kelce, and Larry for Dalvin, and Burton

Here is the rest of my squad. Tell me I’m not over paying for cook… Screenshot_20180922-231637|281x500

Wouldn’t give up that much for dalvin cook and burton imo

Man, your team is super solid- with Cook struggling with injury you’re taking a massive hit to what your team looks like now. Why dump Kelce when he’s got this insane offense right now? Plus Conner might not be a full season super star- but wins now are playoffs later. Don’t get taken advantage of- you’re definitely overpaying for cook.

That’s what I thought too. I’m just scared of Conner and Collins. Been trying to unload Conner since week 1. But need a solid value for him preferably RB value. What do you think of swapping Larry for Corey Davis? Still too much?

What do you think of Corey Davis instead of Larry? Still too much?

Yeah, still too much. Realistically you’re dropping the upside of Kelce for the uncertainty of Cook. I get trying to unload Conner (consensus belief is the clock is ticking- but you’re possibly looking at another 8 weeks of production). You’re basically getting an automatic down grade on your team to take a trade anywhere near this. Try to go get something like K Drake or C Thompson straight up for Conner- especially if one of those teams is the bell owner or if they’re 0-2. Collins hasn’t looked bad- I’d hold onto him if you can (for a rb you truly believe in, maybe package of Collins and Conner- but make sure it’s a true upgrade and don’t forget about your flex). And Kelce is basically undroppable with the way that KC offense looks.

Thanks homie. You’ve talked me off the ledge